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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Turning 50

by Mary Desaulniers

I remember turning 50 with the usual fear and denial that accompany those of us who could not understand how quickly the years have sped by. Am I really turning 50 now? What happened?
And with that came a sense of urgency—there was not much time left and still so much to do. What of the Great Novel that has yet to be written? What of all the marvelous places that have yet to be seen? So much to do; not enough time. And like many others, I did nothing—paralyzed.
Then the answer hit me one day like a slap in the face. Before my husband passed away, he made a batch of pickles that we had somehow left in the cellar store room—half forgotten. The Christmas my daughter in law became pregnant, she found the pickles and brought them upstairs for the guests. “These are delicious,” she told us. “Why have they been left unused?”
She said the word “unused” as though a tank of oil had seeped to waste. The word festered in me for weeks. What else have I left unused?
Perhaps it is this repositioning of our assets that makes the fifties such a powerful time in our lives. Think of all the unused powers that we have left forgotten, unused during the years we pursued a career, raised kids, looked after husbands and parents and scrubbed our houses clean. This power lay dormant in us, a sleeping giant, until we are somehow made ready-- incubated-- by time.
Now at 55, I can honestly say that I love every moment that my power is made manifest. This is the best time in my life: the body has negotiated its way through the tunnel, not necessarily into light, but into the understanding that the journey, with its necessary turmoil, never ends and that while there are never guarantees in life, this is the reason why the trip is so magical.
What we lose at 50 is far compensated by what we gain at the same time. The mind at 50 is different from what it was at 20, 30, even 40—less incisive, manipulative, sharp, more intuitive, porous, connected. The mind at 50 lives in a time-warp, when all moments are simultaneous and infinite. This is a zero-point field where everything or nothing is possible, where all and nothing are essentially meaningless. And where taking a risk can mean everything that lies between aging gracefully and dying before death. At 50, you either make the Great Surrender (if you have not already done so) or you “survive” at your spiritual and emotional peril. There is a “break” at 50 whose manifestation in the physical transformation of the body is but a prelude to its more essential manifestation in the soul.
How many of us have given up “work” that challenges our creative selves in order to be financially secure, safe within the walls of respectability and social expectations? How many of us have rotted within corporate positions that promised great compensations but killed our questing spirit?
The more I think about this question, the more I realize that this zero-point field of infinite possibilities is what we lived once upon a time (as children). But we lost it by “growing up” and we can once again graduate --yes graduate—to it when we become ready once more in the latter half of our lives.
It takes a porous mind to see the field not only as a metaphor or scientific curiosity or even a conjecture, but as an actual, living direction. Our purpose here in this world is to learn how to relive the paradox of the field, how to gain power by relinquishing power, how to surrender the need to control or be controlled ( a need of ego) by embracing the power that comes from a deeper, more collective and universal source—that which creates something out of nothing, that which sings like a sprouting seed “I am that I am,” that which (for many of us caught up with kids, work, husbands, home the first half of our lives)we can reclaim as our own once again after 50.
Keywords: about turning 50, midlife crisis, aging,over the hill,middle age milestone,adjustment at 50
About the Author
Mary Desaulniers, London,Ontario Canada
More Details about about turning 50 here.
A runner for 27 years, retired schoolteacher and writer, Mary is now doing what she has always done--being engaged in what she loves--running, weight training,writing,helping people reclaim their bodies by seeing that weight is just matter that needs to be processed. Nutrition, exercise, positive vision and purposeful engagement are the tools used to turn this matter into creative selves. You can subscribe to Mary's newsletter by contacting a body well-nourished is a mind well-served~


Well you now know how old I am getting to be by posting this article. It's killing me, I did find the article uplifting and do feel a little better about the whole ordeal. Thanks Mary! I am going to visit her website now.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mid-Michigan offerings...

are plenty and filled with unique one of kind entertainment. Here are just a sampling of the areas offerings.

J & K Steamboat Company
P.O. Box C Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: (517) 627-2154, Fax: (517) 627-1139

Enjoy an old-fashioned riverboat cruise on the big paddle-wheeler of the Grand River, the Michigan Princess, or the intimate Princess Laura. February 19 to December 31. Enjoy themed evenings such as murder mystery theatre or musical entertainment.

Wharton Center for Performing Arts
Michigan's Premier Performing Arts Center
And University Auditorium Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-2000, Fax: (517) 353-5329
Toll Free: (800) 942-7866

Situated on the campus of Michigan State University, Wharton's Great Hall seats 2,500 for touring Broadway shows and other large attractions and the intimate Pasant Theatre seats 600 for smaller events.

For more info visit:

The Ledges in Grand Ledge and Fitzgerald Park

The Ledges in Grand Ledge and Fitzgerald Park 133 Fitzgerald Park Dr. Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: (517) 627-7351

300M-year-old rock formations that jut from the shore of the Grand River for climbers to enjoy. 76 acres with new skate park, frisbee golf course, picnicking, fishing, canoeing, cross-country skiing, recreation game areas and a skatepark.

The River Path is a beautiful, scenic 1.5 mile trail which displays the outstanding sandstone ledges on both sides of the river. The path runs between Island Park with Fitzgerald Park.

Lansing Lugnuts Professional Baseball
Oldsmobile Park 505 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: (517) 485-4500, Fax: (517) 485-4518

Over 10,000 seats await your arrival at Oldsmobile Park as Lansing's minor league baseball team - the Lansing Lugnuts - provides affordable family fun. Be sure to visit with the loveable team mascots, Big Lug and Ratchet. Toronto Blue Jays affliliate.
The 2006 season is just around the corner! Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of the fun at Oldsmobile Park this summer! Catch all of the action with one our ticket packages.
More info here:

State Capitol Building Capitol Tour & Information Service 100 Capital Ave. Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) 373-2353, Fax: (517) 373-7599

Step back into the Victorian era at Michigan's award-winning Capitol. Marvel at the glass-floor rotunda and nine acres of decorative handpainted surfaces. Tours of the public areas and the House and Senate galleries are available every half-hour.

R. E. Olds Transportation Museum 240 Museum Dr. Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (517) 372-0422, Fax: (517) 372-2901

A tribute to the auto industry, courtesy of one of Lansing's most prominent citizens-Ransom Eli Olds. The very first Oldsmobile, built in 1897, is on display along with antique REOs, Stars, automotive advertising and memorabilia.

Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center
925 W. Ottawa St. Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: (517) 373-5027, Fax: (517) 373-7615

A museum-style gallery filled with exhibits, hands-on activities and computer programs to help demystify the judicial branch of state government. Free 1 hour tours; groups need a reservation. Open M-F 9-4, closed state holidays. Call 517-373-7229.

Michigan Historical Museum 702 W. Kalamazoo Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: (517) 373-3559, Fax: (517) 241-3647

Surrounding visitors with Michigan history from prehistoric times through the late-twentieth century, 26 permanent galleries on four levels include a walk-through copper mine, one-room schoolhouse, 1957 Auto Show, S&H Greenstamps Store, and more.


A Truly Unique
Dining Experience!
Our Murder Mystery Dinner Trains offer both an exciting evening of entertainment and a wonderful fine dining experience aboard a moving train! During the trips you are served a five course dinner while performers involve you in comical murderous events. Who knows? You may be the unfortunate victim of their devious plot. Definitely you will be in the midst of intrigue, excitement, music and laughter.
Our murder mystery dinner train in Charlotte, Michigan is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour fine dining and entertaining experience aboard a moving train. The train departs from Charlotte selected Saturdays and Fridays. As the train makes a leisurely round trip through the countryside you are served a wonderful five course meal all the while being entertained by our troupe of actors and actresses performing a comical interactive murder mystery.

All tables seat four guests and are elegantly appointed with white linens, crystal and china. We may combine couples into a table of 4, in traditional railroad dining car practice.

The price for evening trips is $59.95 per person. This price includes the train, murder mystery, dinner and taxes. There is a cash bar available onboard the train. Price does not include gratuities and cash bar.

For more info visit:

Crystal Falls Horse & Carriage Company
Serving Lansing, East Lansing, Flint, Detroit & All Outlying Areas
8160 West Winegar, Perry, MI 48872
Phone 517-242-0386

Allow your Imagination to go Back to the Romantic 1800's...
Step back in time and enjoy the opulent splendor of a horse-drawn carriage from this bygone era. This relaxing low-key experience can make the memory of a lifetime whether it's a special occasion, a party, or just for fun after dinner.

Carriage Rides
Crystal Falls Horse and Carriage Co. offers a variety of romantic horse-drawn carriage ride adventures throughout downtown Lansing on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm to midnight starting at Clara's Restaurant. Reservations are encouraged, but walk-ups are also welcome. Call 517-242-0386 for exact time and location. Look Up In Lansing - an historic, architectural scavenger hunt
Downtown Lansing Churches - featuring several historic churches
Capital District Tour - a leisurly drive throughout the capital area

for more info visit: Ann Arbor Events
Andy Kindler
Mar 11: Andy Kindler at Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase
Andy Kindler
Mar 11: Andy Kindler at Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase
Annie Palmer, Actual Birds
Mar 11: Annie Palmer, Actual Birds at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tearoom
Brick Bash
Mar 11: Brick Bash at Ann Arbor IT Zone
conscious contact retreat, whitecastle, ken wilson
Mar 11: conscious contact retreat, whitecastle, ken wilson at Ann Arbor Vin
Dabenport, Jim Roll, Patrick Elkins
Mar 11: Dabenport, Jim Roll, Patrick Elkins at Pierpont Commons
Free Ruby on Rails traing by South East Michigan Ruby Users Group
Mar 11: Free Ruby on Rails traing by South East Michigan Ruby Users Group a
Ordinary People
Mar 12: Ordinary People at Michigan Theater
Rejecting Cynicism, Embracing Hope Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice Anniversary Celebration
Mar 12: Rejecting Cynicism, Embracing Hope Interfaith Council for Peace an
Shopping for Change: Ten Thousand Villages hosts benefit for Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Mar 13: Shopping for Change: Ten Thousand Villages hosts benefit for Interf
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Use Of NASA Technology From Tech Traders, Inc. Can Save Homeowners 20% Or More On Heating Costs This Winter

FEDERAL WAY, WA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Energy rates are predicted to rise 75% for heating oil and 35% for natural gas this winter and these hefty increases are taking a toll on the American pocketbook. The average homeowner can now use NASA developed insulating technology to help keep those costs down with INSULADD(R) from Tech Traders, Inc. of Vero Beach, Florida. This effective product transforms everyday house paint into energy saving insulation with the stroke of a brush.

Read full article here:

All research and test information and pricing is available by contacting: Tom Welter, Director of Marketing or by visiting

Enterprising Mom Builds a Thriving Business with Her Solution For Beautifying Basement Poles
Mon, 28 Nov 2005, 06:24 EST — Edited by Beverly West
DETROIT, MI - Nov. 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Pole-Wrap, Inc., the best solution for finishing basement poles, today announced that sales have increased ten-fold in just two years, proving that old adage that when it comes to most things, including concealing unsightly basement poles, mom really does know best.

Read the full article here:

For more information please visit:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lansing is Michigan's capitol city, with assests like Oldsmobile factories and Michigan State University - the state's largest institution of higher learning. It is fast on the grow, with developing suburbs and an increasingly diversified economy.
With many wonderful surrounding communities this is a great place to live and work.

Is dinner time important to the foundation of a family, YES! I say.
I think we all agree that our kitchen's see the most action of any room in our homes. Why is that? Of course because we all love to eat and what a great way to bring everyone together.
Dinner time was the one time of the day that we were all together regardless of what else we all had to do. This just was a given that from 6 to 7 p.m. we were having our family dinner. My father got home from work at 6 P.M. and we all sat down together...and we talked.
I don't think there are a lot of family meals happening today. I just know that when my kids have friends over they all tell me that they never sit down like that and eat. Even next door at my "sister-in-laws" they don't eat together. She fixes something, leaves it on the stove and everyone eats when it fits their schedule.

10 Steps For Cooking-Up Family Memories
The kitchen is the perfect place for making memories. When you spend time baking, cooking and enjoying meals with your family, you create happy memories you and your children will cherish forever. The benefits of preparing and enjoying food as a family are clear. You save money and eat healthier...
The kitchen is the perfect place for making memories. When you spend time baking, cooking and enjoying meals with your family, you create happy memories you and your children will cherish forever.

The benefits of preparing and enjoying food as a family are clear. You save money and eat healthier meals. You create opportunities to connect and communicate with your children and spouse. And most importantly, you show love for your family when you spend time cooking and eating with them. Children of all ages need your attention and your time. By working together to create a meal or bake a batch of cookies, you spend valuable time together.

So, here are 10 steps to get your family cooking up memories.

Step 1:
Teach small children the fun of cooking by helping them bake cookies and cakes. If you are short on time, you can use a boxed cookie mix and spend more time decorating.

Step 2:
Encourage the littlest ones to play pretend cooking. Kids love to play with real mixing bowls, strainers and wooden spoons. These make harmless toys and can be easily thrown in the dishwasher for quick cleanup.

Step 3:
If you live by your day-timer, schedule in baking cookies with your kids. Our schedules can be so hectic that something as simple as baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies can get skipped over. Write it down and do it.

Step 4:
If you have teenagers, let them play their favorite music while they wash the lettuce and set the table.

Step 5:
Work together with your spouse to prepare the dinner and use the time to catch up on each other's day.

Step 6:
Even if you are in a rush preparing dinner, remember to reduce your stress and focus on creating a fun atmosphere that naturally encourages the whole family to participate.

Step 7:
When spending time preparing food with your children, include lessons about healthy eating choices. Keep the conversation positive and avoid listing foods they can't have.

Step 8:
On days where you anticipate time will be tight, consider taking a short cut by using a frozen stir-fry mix or pasta with a jar of pre-made sauce. Your family will appreciate your relaxed mood much more than a made-from-scratch dinner.

Step 9:
Share the job of grocery shopping. One week have mom take one of the children as a helper, the next week dad can go with another child. Always work from a grocery list and let your children help you retrieve items and cross them off the list.

Step 10:
Have big family meals where you share about your day. Keep the conversation fun and avoid negative lectures over dinner. Remember to laugh.

Take these steps today and make your kitchen a fun and memorable place for your whole family.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Granholm signs sex offender email notification bill

In 2007, people in Michigan can be notified by email when a sex offender moves into their zip code, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Jennifer Granholm

Michigan - Within the span of one year, people in Michigan can be notified by email when a sex offender moves into their zip code, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Jennifer Granholm.
The measure allows people to sign up for a free email notification service aimed at providing the most up-to-date information about potentially dangerous sex offenders moving into their neighborhoods.

The bill takes effect at the beginning of 2007.

About Lansing

The Lansing Region is home to nearly 500,000 residents and a home away from home to over five million visitors each year. Less than a two hour drive from Detroit, Lansing boasts some of the most unique “middle of the mitten” attractions found in Michigan.

Lansing was chosen as Michigan’s Capital City because of its central location. Its beautiful capital, built in 1879 and restored between 1989 and 1992 makes it a must see destination for visitors.

Lansing is also known as the Car Capital of North America and is the birthplace of Oldsmobile founded in 1897. Today, more cars are produced in Lansing (over 400,000 each year) than any other city on the continent.

East Lansing, directly adjacent to Lansing, is home to Big Ten school, Michigan State University. With its student population of over 40,000 each year, Michigan State University’s park-like campus provides a unique visiting excursion for touring glorious gardens, museums and more